This helmet saved... my gorgeous face.

"The 'bill' of this helmet saved me within centimeters of obliterating my gorgeous face. It's gorgeous believe me. I rode off quickly and after wiping off the street scrub, this helmet is perfectly intact."

- Kelsey

But thanks to my helmet, I didn't even have a headache.

"I can't recommend Thousand helmets enough. I fell off my bike recently–actually went over the left handlebar... But thanks to my helmet, I didn't even have a headache."

- Cleo



To help keep you moving safely around your city, please let us know if you’re ever in an accident while wearing your Thousand helmet. We’ll replace your damaged lid for free so you can get right back to riding. 

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We never want you to worry about the security of your helmet, even when it's not on your head. With our Anti-Theft Guarantee, if your helmet is ever stolen while locked to your bike through the PopLock, we'll replace it for free.

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